10 Things to do for Dad this Father’s Day

4 Jun

We’re giving dads a high-five as we build up to Father’s Day…because with the cost of living these days, a high-five is all we can afford!  Andrea and I have spent hours pondering suitable gifts for the men in our lives. Everything they really want comes with an exorbitant price tag! (Have you seen the price of golf balls?) Then we shared a face palm moment. Father’s Day isn’t about gifts. Father’s Day is about honouring your dad and letting him know how much you love and respect him. And the easiest way to show your dad how much you love and respect him is through your actions. So instead of things to buy, we’ve put together a list of things to do for dad this Father’s Day.

1.       Let him sleep. If this just isn’t possible on Father’s Day then let him sleep in on Saturday as a pre-Father’s Day treat.
2.      Scrumptious breakfast. Whether in bed or at a beautifully laid table; there’s nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon sizzling on the grill!

full english breakfast
3.       Hand-made cards. This is special, no matter how big or small your kids are.
4.       Write him a poem or a song.

father's day song

5.       Homemade vouchers. Get creative and make a gift that lasts (don’t forget the T&Cs)! Foot rubs, movie nights, hiking days, Saturday sleep-ins, and doing dad’s chores are great ideas.
6.       Pamper time. Sit dad in his favourite chair and treat it like a throne. Fetch him a newspaper or book, make him something to drink, put on some peaceful music and offer him a shoulder or foot massage (or both!). Experiment with a foot bath, salt scrub and creams.
7.       Outdoor hobbies. What does dad like to do on his day off? Kick a ball around? Take a walk? Cycle? Make an effort to join in. If you’re thinking, “but no one else in the family cycles,” then compromise and go to a track where there is a restaurant and jungle-gym for mom and the kids.

kick a ball with dad

8.       Indoor family fun. Make family time to play board games, charades, build a puzzle or a watch family movie.
9.       Give him a break. Sadly the working world may not stop to give us a full day of family time. If dad has to work and can’t do it after the kids are in bed, or if he just needs a good forty-winks, then give him his space and don’t make him feel guilty about it
10.   Dad-inspired dinner. What are his favourite foods? Make a 3-course menu and get the kids to draw it up. Turn off the TV and put on some good music. Decorate the table, use your special crockery and open that bottle of wine.

And just to give you that added BONUS, we decided to throw in #11!

11.   The unexpected surprise. This could be anything from organising a visit from dad’s best friend to secretly running a candle-lit bath. Make a treasure hunt to find his present, or hide an extra gift under his pillow. You can play the we-forgot-to-buy-bread-and-milk-so-let’s-go-out-for-breakfast trick where you “accidentally” find your extended family or friends sitting at a Reserved table. Go crazy with this one!

father's day surprise message

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what you do on Father’s Day as long as you remember why you are doing it. Take the time and effort to show how much you love and respect him; as imperfectly human as he is! That is the greatest gift you could give him and he will treasure you all the more for it.

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